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Titisee, Germany! Day 2

Wonderful! Simply Wonderful!

semi-overcast 60 °F

Good morning from Titisee, Germany! It is now 1:45am / 6:45 pm in Minnesota.... Still having a very very difficult time adjusting to the vast time difference.

Was a wonderful day! Got a very good nights rest last night, and was very very needed. Tonight I find it is difficult to go to sleep... I am still feeling like it is 7pm like at home. We had a full day of meetings, very interesting and informative meetings about culture differences. Barix employees people from around the world (Argentina, Netherlands, Italy, Former Yugosolvia, Czech, UK, India, Germany, etc. Very very interesting! And we are all here in one place! It has been very fun learning about people and where they come from. Can I just say that I LOVE THE USA!!!! :)

We had an opportunity before dinner to take a walk into town and take some pictures. The shops had just closed for the evening so we were not able to do any shopping but just enjoyed the scenery.

Food has been wonderful... I'm not sure what I was expecting but the breads have been incredible! There was some crazy curry soup for a starter at lunch - nahhh - not for me!! :) But really everything has been wonderful!

After dinner we took another walk back to town as it was such a nice evening. The entire town closes early as this town is typically a retirement age tourist town.

Tomorrow is meetings from 8a to 4p and then load the bus to head back to Zurich.

Must try to get some rest so that I can survive the day! More tomorrow from Zurich! :) good night!

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