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Prep for the trip! Seconda parte

Entry #2 ~ We are under 20 days and counting!

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As I sit here watching Julia Roberts on Oprah (thank you tivo) I am starting to feel overwhelmed with the thought of not being prepared for this adventure.

There are sooo many random ends to tie up and I'm starting to lose track. Thankfully my fantastic husband has the home and our boy well taken care of and I don't have a concern or worry about what I'll be leaving behind for 10 days. Thank you hubs... you are the best!

I have many lists.... I need to figure out what is important and what I can just forget.

Luggage lists, carry on list, list of places to visit, see, do. Maps, print outs and directions of hotels, train stations and airports.
This trip has completely consumed my life but I have learned a lot - the one thing I have learned is that there will not be enough hours in the day while we are there. So much to see on such a tight timeline. Somehow I'll have to just deal! Seriously - I'm just so thankful & grateful to be given this opportunity!

Anyway ~ I must find a good way to organize all this information in an easy to travel fashion. I stumbled upon TripIt application for Logan's Itouch that I plan to take with me. TripIt so far seems to be a good app to house all the flight, train and hotel info (confirmation numbers, flight numbers, depart/arrive times, maps, and other handy things) - this app will also alert me if there is a flight change/delay. One less worry hopefully! We'll see how well it works but it has great reviews.

My goal for this week is to figure out the transportation/direction logistics for getting to/from each train station, hotel and airport.

An interesting tip that I found while reading lots and lots of tips on the internet that most people haven't mentioned is that all train passes must be validated (in Italy) before getting on the train! There are small automated machines in the train station that are apparently not real obvious but the result of not validating could be a very costly ticket from the conductor. Yikes!

Today we purchased our 1 way point-to-point Eurorail pass from Florence to Rome. From what I have read is that this is a very popular train route and many trains are overcrowded with standing room only if not purchased ahead of time. So to avoid standing on a train worrying about a pickpocketer standing behind us - we went ahead and bought seats on a train. This may not have been necessary but - better safe than sorry. The only downfall that I can see about this now is that we had to choose a time to leave Florence... who knows if we'll be ready to leave at 12:10 on Saturday???!!!

Anyway - that's enough for tonight. I'm off to dream about Tuscany. Good food, great scenery and awesome wine!

buona notte (good night)

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